5 Wonderful Benefits of Travelling

Life without free time and fun is awful.  Leisure and travel give us time to relax, enjoy ourselves, and do something other than work. It is important that we keep a little time free for ourselves, to keep up or develop interests and to go away on a vacation or on a special holiday.


Today the modern travel industry is organized to cater to every need and desire of the individual traveler, while travel was once an uncertain and hazardous event, it is now an easily planned and coordinated adventure that has been revolutionized by vast improvements in transportation, computer technology and networks of international communication.  And there are thousands of travel books on every place a tourist might wish to visit.


In Japan, the most enthusiastically celebrated tradition is Cherry-blossom viewing.  Each spring Tokyo’s Ueno Park plays host to thousands of tourists and picnickers, eating, drinking, and singing the balmy evenings away under the magnificent pink canopy.


During celebrations in Kyrgyztan, a sheep or a horse is slaughtered.  It is divided into parts, and every part is specially designated for a specific person.  Depending upon the age and position of the guests, each one is given his or her portion; respect is the key element guiding this tradition.  Then the national dish, beshbarmark, is served.  It is eaten with the hands.

Dining habits vary from country to country.  In Italy, for example, a  ‘ristorante’  is an eating establishment where one is expected to order a full, several-course meal.  In ‘trattoria’ (a restaurant especially one with reasonable price) on the other hand, one can eat as much or as little as one chooses.  In Spain, the evening meal is very late, normally after 10 pm;  but people often eat snacks called ‘tapas’ in the early evening to tide them over until dinner.


Resorts are special-purpose destinations.  They may be places in the sun to get away from winter’s cold; they may be places in the snow to enjoy skiing and other winter sports, or they may be health resorts such as Hot Springs and Spas that has long been noted for its beneficial mineral waters.

In the Philippines, there are many sea resorts and so popular summer vacation spots.  They offer a great variety of relaxation and recreation opportunities.  You can enjoy the long white sand beaches, para sailing, island hopping and many more.

Whichever type of resort is chosen, the normal purpose is to get away from it all for a while, to enjoy relaxation and recreation.